Friday, 21 January 2011


 I've been looking through photos recently and found this one of me and Paul when we went to Disney in 2009. I think the kids must have taken it as we queued for the boat to take us to the magic kingdom. its not very often we get photos together its usually one or the other with the kids (very usually Paul) I'm the one  who holds the camera. I've done a 6" x 12" size as I have an empty album and want to start and fill it. Its also a small photo so I thought this size would be ideal.
Heres a close up around the photo. I've used some stamps from the parisian anthology collection (you may see a lot of these babies cos I really like them ) and I used my prima flowers that I've had for ages but I thought they looked quite nice :)
I really like this style of scrapping so I may make some more of these layouts.
Enjoy your weekend...the housework is beckoning me... again :(

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