Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Around here....

Oh my! I have been so cold this week so consequently the pooch and I have spent time snuggling on the sofa and eating soup to keep warm! Lots of craftiness has been happening too...
I saw on attic 24 that Lucy had begun her winter wreath, I love that she shares her patterns and tutorials. My summer wreath is here which I enjoyed making, so with a rummage in the stash I came up with these colours to use for my winter wreath. 


I've managed 5 out of 6 days of exercise this week I worked hard and by Thursday night my glutes and thighs were aching so bad I could hardly sit down!!! I took an extra rest day Friday and then pulled myself together for a cardio on Saturday. My knees are taking a battering too and have gone all creaky again but on the plus side at weigh in and measurement day I lost 3 lb and 2 inches one off my chest and one off my waist!!! 


Bella is never very far away ....


I've baked some tea bread from Davina's new book to help with my sweet craving. It's delicious. 



Finally I've finished up the frank&olive oversized jumper. I mulled over the type of wool to use as the Debbie Bliss Paloma yarn was a bit out of my price range ..... But as I was blog surfing I stumbled on a sale over at Tangled Yarn and got it for a bargain! 
I chose mallard ( but I'd love one in mustard too) . I did have to redo the back piece as I needed to change hooks I must be a bit loose!! 


And here it is all finished.. Very snuggly and warm. Perfect for these chilly days we are having. 


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A couple of ta dah's

Hello peeps!
Just a quick one today to show a couple of projects I've been working on over Christmas. 
The first one is my finished cushion cover. I saw this stitch sometime ago last year and fell in love with it.

My squares weren't just big enough to fit my cushion so I just added an extra round of treble crochets. 
It's happily sitting on my green Lloyd loom chair in my bedroom and makes me smile and squish it as I walk past. 

I really think these yarn colours are yummy too.. It's James C Brett cotton on. Tis very soft and scrummy.
 I had a little left over and spotted a post and pattern over on Heather's blog, Pink Milk ( which by the way is a fantastic blog with beautiful photographs and content) Heather shared a pattern for a big long cowl. I've been looking at my daughters that she had for Christmas admiring how cosy she looked, so when I saw this I thought it would be perfect. 

Here it is.... 


And that's me there modelling it. Hee hee I'm not great at this selfie lark yet especially on my iPad lol!
Thanks for sharing the pattern Heather. 
Toodle pip xx

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Not resolutions but goals

I've had this post planned in my head for ages but since I haven't blogged for an awful long time that's where it has stayed.
I have set myself some "goals" this year, not resolutions because I never keep them! 
What is it about turning 40 that changes your view on life? Maybe it's just me but I feel the need to be more healthy, I want the house to be tidy and  I want to learn something new. ( all this and still I want to do all the other things that I currently do too! Anyone find me more hours in the day ...) 

Ok so on with my goals.

1. I'm combining these together .... I want to be fitter and eat a healthier diet. 
I've started bikini body mommy's 3.0 I have bought into the meal plans too this time. I did 2.0 for 75 days last year ( before we went on holiday) and really noticed a difference, so I have my fingers crossed for even better this time! 

2. De clutter. This sounds easier than it is. I'm a hoarder and find it hard to throw things out... You know, just in case.

3. My I want to learn something new started yesterday with my first lesson in Reiki. It was very interesting and I'm  definitely looking forward to next week and my first attunement.  

4. Do something creative everyday. 

5. Blog more.

6. Stay on top of the housework! ( I'm thinking delegation for this one ) 

7. Visit Stone Henge. Ollie asked to go a while ago so it would be great to do as a family. 

8. Make time to read.

9. Be happy. Be positive.

So there we are my "goals" all laid out .... I am going to do my very best to work hard on them! 

Friday, 30 May 2014


Yeah... its got me!
I have really enjoyed watching the last 2 series of the sewing bee and have dabbled with making my own clothes in the past... but alas I haven't been able to master it...until now!!
During the Easter holidays the other half went away with work so it left a quiet house here at home. I got up early on the day he left and pulled out my sewing machine. I'm not the most patient person in the world when it comes to sewing machines, they have always seemed to not like me very much! So on this particular morning I sat down and began to study the manuel (shock!) But hey it worked! (Doh)
I had a few bits of material stash lurking  in a cupboard so I set about making this gorgeous and easy sorbetto top by colette There are no fastenings or zips so it worked up quickly following the simple instructions. I was extremely pleased with myself.

Feeling rather smug I decided to search out my Miette skirt pattern that I had downloaded and already cut out from Tilly and the buttons. I had been a little bit too scared to start sewing it up. I thought it would be hard....but Tilly has great instructions on her blog and I really really enjoyed doing it! I had some great comments from colleagues at work too saying how nice it was and have you really made that yourself! (positively blooming now!!)

Anyways we had also been to the hobbycraft show at the NEC in March. I purchased the beatrice pattern from Sew me something. I have made 2 of them but not got any really good photos yet.
The best one and I decided that we needed to visit Sew me something in Stratford and a great days outing was planned for the second week of the holidays.
I bought this great Kate pattern which I love love love!!! The pattern is simple to lay and cut and the instructions were easy to follow. The shop is quite small but has a good selection of material (the best one bought loads!) Jules and her staff are helpful and friendly and gave us a warm welcome.

This is my second Kate dress which I made for a wedding we attended earlier this week. This is version 2 with hemmed sleeves and gathers at the neck line. I even made my own bias binding for this one :)
Now I'm nowhere near perfect and I wasn't great at pattern matching but I'm loving this new journey I have begun (I have 3 cocos under my belt and another sorbetto top) and the fabric is ready on the table for me tomorrow to make some margot pyjamas from Tilly's new book.... Love at first stitch
...I think I'm falling in love ;)

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Mmm... So there had been lots of secret keeping and comings and goings too I found out on my return home! 
Birthday banners had been put up and bunting had been strung around the kitchen and the dining room. It looked like the Queen was shortly to be arriving! 
There were family members waiting for me and lots of hugs and kisses were to be had! 
On walking through to the dining room there were cakes and teacups littering the tables and tiny sandwiches with crusts cut off, mini quiche and sausage rolls!

 Everywhere looked so pretty. This was my birthday tea cup! Dad found it at grandads it's just so perfect! 
There was also a beautiful birthday cake...

Everyone had gone to so much trouble, family and friends popped in throughout the afternoon and evening. What a very special day! 

That's me posing for photos :) 
Thank you to all involved especially the teen, the hubby, the best one and mum and dad you all made my day fantastic! 
Ttfn x 

So that'll be 40 then

Well yesterday I hit quite a big milestone.. The big 40! 
I started my morning quietly while everyone else slept with my kindle and a cuppa... Bliss. 

After a while the house was awake and I opened presents from Paul and the children ... Afternoon tea and a Filofax with bits and pieces. 

Breakfast was some pink fizz and a bagel 

Then present opening!! I have been truly spoilt by work colleagues and family... I feel very blessed. 

Out with the best one for lunch in Ashbourne and a wander round the shops. Some bits and pieces have been bought for Easter. 

Mmm...... Was something afoot?! 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Lovely yellows

Hello folks 
It's been a while I know. 
Hopefully will try and blog a bit more now that spring is on it's way... It makes me feel so much happier! 

Just a quickie Instagram photo for you today. I'm loving these yellows in my house right now, tulips being my favourite  but don't these daffodils look so beautiful too? 
Ttfn xx 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas

What a fun December! We had the arrival of Elfy who has made us giggle with his many antics including drawing on photos, decorating the Christmas tree and *gasp* drawing on the small boy last night!! I will be very sad when he returns to Father Christmas tonight. 

We had the annual visit to Santa. He is an absolutely brilliant Santa with such a friendly manner. Small boy loved him! 

And now tonight we have a few presents piling up under the tree, which I have loved this year. I have bought lots of new ornaments for it this year including toadstools, a snowman and some gorgeous angel wings which I think will have to stay out after the tree has gone. 
Tomorrow is going to be a busy baking, last minute cleaning and present delivering day, so for now I will wish you a very merry Christmas and I hope a very peaceful New Year xx 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Just a beautiful day

We chose a beautiful day to go to Lyme Regis for the day. Have to say it is a gorgeous little town with some pretty little shops to explore.

The beach was a stony one but it didn't faze the children and the small boy spent most of the day lying in the muddy rock pool, splashing in the waves or climbing over the rocks.

Such a carefree photo... Love.

Even the stroppy teen went down to the sea to paddle and find pebbles and shells.

Oh yeah I went for a little paddle too In between sunbathing and a spot of beach crochet.

And finally here's all my gang together, after taking all the stuff back to the car we decided to find somewhere to eat. Just love these pictures seeing them altogether, my little, sometimes slightly dysfunctional happy family. 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sun, sand a little bit of golf and ice cream

Waking up to blue sky's makes us all feel very happy so off we went in the car all the way to Weymouth. I loved the shape of this bridge as we headed towards our destination.

There were happy peeps in the car ( me and the small boy anyway ) the other 2 dived out the way when they saw the camera especially the moody teen who is hating me taking photos but is happy to take lots of selfies (??) 

We wandered around Weymouth for a while and the found our way to the end of the beach where we could take the dogs on with us. It was right next to the beach volley ball courts where the boys had a great time watching the young ladies play their sport!
In between the eye candy watching the middle one happily dug himself a huge hole, as you do. 
After a bit we decided to go in search of food as it was a bit windy and the sand was sticking to my factor 50 suntan lotion and I was beginning to turn into z sand monster. Fact. 

I absolutely adored these little side streets with all the bunting and pretty gift and boutique clothes shops. Me and the moody teen had great fun looking at all the gorgeous dresses ( she only tried some on and bought a little shorts suit!! ) 

Next port of call was Lyme Regis and I fell fell fell in love with these beach huts. It had begun to rain now so most of the doors were shut and I had great fun peering through the windows to see how they were decorated inside. I think I would fill one with crochet blankets and cushions, a pretty deckchair and lots of bunting ;) ! 
Just love all those pastel doors. 

A great game of crazy golf was played (after walking up a huge hill ... Crikey I need to get fitter needed a ventilator at the top)  
The small one had good fun, he loves golf. 

Instead of walking back down the hill we jumped back in the car and drove to Sidmouth  were we found a very lovely ice cream parlour and blue ice cream was the order of the day well for them anyway. My choice was salted caramel (a definite favourite at the moment) and cookies and cream oh yum yum.  Yes it was delightful :) 

Back soon xx