Friday, 30 May 2014


Yeah... its got me!
I have really enjoyed watching the last 2 series of the sewing bee and have dabbled with making my own clothes in the past... but alas I haven't been able to master it...until now!!
During the Easter holidays the other half went away with work so it left a quiet house here at home. I got up early on the day he left and pulled out my sewing machine. I'm not the most patient person in the world when it comes to sewing machines, they have always seemed to not like me very much! So on this particular morning I sat down and began to study the manuel (shock!) But hey it worked! (Doh)
I had a few bits of material stash lurking  in a cupboard so I set about making this gorgeous and easy sorbetto top by colette There are no fastenings or zips so it worked up quickly following the simple instructions. I was extremely pleased with myself.

Feeling rather smug I decided to search out my Miette skirt pattern that I had downloaded and already cut out from Tilly and the buttons. I had been a little bit too scared to start sewing it up. I thought it would be hard....but Tilly has great instructions on her blog and I really really enjoyed doing it! I had some great comments from colleagues at work too saying how nice it was and have you really made that yourself! (positively blooming now!!)

Anyways we had also been to the hobbycraft show at the NEC in March. I purchased the beatrice pattern from Sew me something. I have made 2 of them but not got any really good photos yet.
The best one and I decided that we needed to visit Sew me something in Stratford and a great days outing was planned for the second week of the holidays.
I bought this great Kate pattern which I love love love!!! The pattern is simple to lay and cut and the instructions were easy to follow. The shop is quite small but has a good selection of material (the best one bought loads!) Jules and her staff are helpful and friendly and gave us a warm welcome.

This is my second Kate dress which I made for a wedding we attended earlier this week. This is version 2 with hemmed sleeves and gathers at the neck line. I even made my own bias binding for this one :)
Now I'm nowhere near perfect and I wasn't great at pattern matching but I'm loving this new journey I have begun (I have 3 cocos under my belt and another sorbetto top) and the fabric is ready on the table for me tomorrow to make some margot pyjamas from Tilly's new book.... Love at first stitch
...I think I'm falling in love ;)

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