Sunday, 16 March 2014


Mmm... So there had been lots of secret keeping and comings and goings too I found out on my return home! 
Birthday banners had been put up and bunting had been strung around the kitchen and the dining room. It looked like the Queen was shortly to be arriving! 
There were family members waiting for me and lots of hugs and kisses were to be had! 
On walking through to the dining room there were cakes and teacups littering the tables and tiny sandwiches with crusts cut off, mini quiche and sausage rolls!

 Everywhere looked so pretty. This was my birthday tea cup! Dad found it at grandads it's just so perfect! 
There was also a beautiful birthday cake...

Everyone had gone to so much trouble, family and friends popped in throughout the afternoon and evening. What a very special day! 

That's me posing for photos :) 
Thank you to all involved especially the teen, the hubby, the best one and mum and dad you all made my day fantastic! 
Ttfn x 

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