Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Not resolutions but goals

I've had this post planned in my head for ages but since I haven't blogged for an awful long time that's where it has stayed.
I have set myself some "goals" this year, not resolutions because I never keep them! 
What is it about turning 40 that changes your view on life? Maybe it's just me but I feel the need to be more healthy, I want the house to be tidy and  I want to learn something new. ( all this and still I want to do all the other things that I currently do too! Anyone find me more hours in the day ...) 

Ok so on with my goals.

1. I'm combining these together .... I want to be fitter and eat a healthier diet. 
I've started bikini body mommy's 3.0 I have bought into the meal plans too this time. I did 2.0 for 75 days last year ( before we went on holiday) and really noticed a difference, so I have my fingers crossed for even better this time! 

2. De clutter. This sounds easier than it is. I'm a hoarder and find it hard to throw things out... You know, just in case.

3. My I want to learn something new started yesterday with my first lesson in Reiki. It was very interesting and I'm  definitely looking forward to next week and my first attunement.  

4. Do something creative everyday. 

5. Blog more.

6. Stay on top of the housework! ( I'm thinking delegation for this one ) 

7. Visit Stone Henge. Ollie asked to go a while ago so it would be great to do as a family. 

8. Make time to read.

9. Be happy. Be positive.

So there we are my "goals" all laid out .... I am going to do my very best to work hard on them! 

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