Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sun, sand a little bit of golf and ice cream

Waking up to blue sky's makes us all feel very happy so off we went in the car all the way to Weymouth. I loved the shape of this bridge as we headed towards our destination.

There were happy peeps in the car ( me and the small boy anyway ) the other 2 dived out the way when they saw the camera especially the moody teen who is hating me taking photos but is happy to take lots of selfies (??) 

We wandered around Weymouth for a while and the found our way to the end of the beach where we could take the dogs on with us. It was right next to the beach volley ball courts where the boys had a great time watching the young ladies play their sport!
In between the eye candy watching the middle one happily dug himself a huge hole, as you do. 
After a bit we decided to go in search of food as it was a bit windy and the sand was sticking to my factor 50 suntan lotion and I was beginning to turn into z sand monster. Fact. 

I absolutely adored these little side streets with all the bunting and pretty gift and boutique clothes shops. Me and the moody teen had great fun looking at all the gorgeous dresses ( she only tried some on and bought a little shorts suit!! ) 

Next port of call was Lyme Regis and I fell fell fell in love with these beach huts. It had begun to rain now so most of the doors were shut and I had great fun peering through the windows to see how they were decorated inside. I think I would fill one with crochet blankets and cushions, a pretty deckchair and lots of bunting ;) ! 
Just love all those pastel doors. 

A great game of crazy golf was played (after walking up a huge hill ... Crikey I need to get fitter needed a ventilator at the top)  
The small one had good fun, he loves golf. 

Instead of walking back down the hill we jumped back in the car and drove to Sidmouth  were we found a very lovely ice cream parlour and blue ice cream was the order of the day well for them anyway. My choice was salted caramel (a definite favourite at the moment) and cookies and cream oh yum yum.  Yes it was delightful :) 

Back soon xx 

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