Thursday, 15 August 2013


So early Friday morning saw us jumping into a jam packed car about to embark on a new adventure! We were off on our holidays! We very rarely stray far from Wales, but this year we booked up to go and visit the beautiful county of Dorset. We were all very excited, even Bella who found the first part of the journey a bit difficult and didn't settle down well.

It wasn't too long though before she did ( after a bathroom break lol) and started to look out for when we reached our destination ( can you hear her barking " are we there yet!!" ) 
It didn't take us too long to set up the new tent even though it was the first time we had done it and not a clue how things went up, and after a bit of lunch we went exploring the camp site and nearby beach. The boys were straight in the sea even though it was a bit lively and must have been freezing!! They have no fear ( unlike me who constantly has the jitters while they are paddling and such sometimes I look away or else they wouldn't be allowed to do anything! I think it's a mother thing) 

We couldn't take the dogs onto this beach so I climbed up the hill a bit to watch from above. This was one of the breathtaking views of the beach and cliffs . Just absolutely stunning. The little pub at the bottom serves a mean plate of fish and chips too delish. 

I think this maybe one of my most favourite holiday photos. The hubs and small boy were looking down at our campsite trying to locate our tent.  He was trying very hard to follow where his daddy was pointing but it took him a while to find it ( and it was hidden by trees ) I think they both look gorgeous.

I couldn't finish our first day without a bit of crochet. Don't laugh but I bought one of those lights that goes round your head  it really is brilliant and it doesn't bother anyone else as I don't need the "big light" on anymore ;) 
I've started the peony camisole top from issue 44 of Inside Crochet magazine. It really is very pretty and working up a treat in James C Brett cotton on. 
I'm also loving this skirt I'm wearing, found in a charity shop for just a few pounds and its a monsoon in perfect condition! Just adore the colours in it and I'm planning to wear the camisole with it when it's finished. 
Anyways I'll pop some more photos up soon 
TTFN xx 

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