Wednesday, 11 May 2011


 More macarons :)
We went to Dobbies the garden centre on Sunday afternoon. It was fab! There were gift shops galore, kids toys, the nice ones with gruffalo and hungry caterpillar stuff which I love, a pet shop a restaurant, crikey I could go on forever! There was also a book shop where I picked up a book about making macarons. Good, really good and pretty pictures. These are rose water flavoured pink macarons. They are super yum, and there is only me eating them as the children declare they don't like them...hmm...not so good, or is it ;) lol! I'm going to try the green mint chocolate ones next week and then make some lemoncurd with my egg yolks that are appearing in abundance at the moment hee hee.
Ttfn xx

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Anita said...

OOO-MMM-GGG! They look absolutely divine Debbie....I am starting to drool! Are they hard to make? I hope to see a scrapbook page about these sometime soon ;)
Warmest wishes