Monday, 2 May 2011


 We have had a lovely weekend, lots of excitement with the royal wedding. Kate looked stunning, Will was so handsome and Harry...mmm. We had a great party with family and friends after and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Yesterday was a little more sedate, Paul and Ollie had fun in the garden setting hanging baskets and pots for the garden. They did a mighty fine job and I'm looking forward to watching everything grow. Paul has been working very hard this holiday in the garden and its looking lovely.
 Meanwhile I made some of these beauties! Pink macarons! They are filled with white chocolate ganache and absolutely divine... I'm in love!
And finally at the end of the day I suddenly noticed this wonderful sunset! A perfect end to a perfect day :) xxx
P.S Note to Anita... the quote from the blow LO was from the cosmo cricket earth love paper pack I have just chopped it up to fit on the page and I used SU markers on the Su spritzer to add the "splatter" and the pearls are green sparkly ones from paper mania. Hope this helps xx

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Anita said...

Hi Debbie :), thank you so much for your little note on the end, you are a gem :).
Super photos, your garden looks like its going to be gorgeous....and as for those delish looking delights you have made...well, i hope you have got a spare one for me!!! What a stunning sunset too....just beautiful.. Warmest wishes