Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Mickey waffles yum yum.

Summer chores (although how yon manage to hoover when theres stuff all over the floor is beyond me)
Sweetie shoppe
Some reading and writing practise.
A WII game or 2
Ahh a little bit of me time (remind me to cut those bloomin ribbons off me cardi lol!)


Lou said...

Hi! Debbie i am sat here :0) at your photos,so *sweet* truly.
My two have gone out,Soph with a friend and George to my Mums to bake cakes.
I am full of cold so just sat resting.
hope you are enjoying the hols?
hugs Lou.xx

Heather said...

those blooming ribbons are such a pain aren't they ..... but useful on a scrap page!! I wish I had got my bum in gear to do WITL but alas I didn't so I'm enjoying everyone elses instead :))