Monday, 21 January 2013

Fun in the snow

We had a great morning yesterday in the snow! I can't quite believe how much we have actually got!
We have a fab field across from our house with a bit of a hill and it has been great fun sledging down it. the big two have been out in the dark too...

The boys had a bit of a snowball fight and enjoyed rolling about in the white stuff.
Ollie drops to the floor as soon as he gets out and makes snow angels everywhere!

We did have a slight incident when Ollie came down the hill a bit fast on his own and forgot to put his feet out to stop himself!
He landed in the bushes and had to be rescued by Daddy as Mummy was too busy taking photos and giggling her head off oo er...
Enjoy the snow, we have a snow day today instead of school. I think a snowman making session is in order later.
Stay safe x

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