Friday, 25 February 2011

Been practising with my new camera and lens, so I asked Paul to take us to Wales for the day yesterday. (Ha not just for this here delish hot choc) But to visit all the places we love to go. We started off at Swallow Falls where I got these shots practising my shutter speeds.
This is taken with a fast shutter speed and you see all the movement of the water.

And this one is a slow shutter speed where it slows the water movement. The lighting is better on this one too (need to practise my iso next me thinks!)
 Here's one of the family (Holly had a bag on and didn't want her picture took lol!)
 And one of Ollie getting his feet wet just for mum to take pics lol!
Thanks for dropping by have a lovely weekend!


Anita said...

Some smashing photos there Debbie, how lucky are you living close enough to visit somewhere like that. You look likeyou are enjoying your new camera :)
armest wishes Anita..xx

Lou said...

Hi!Debbie just amazing photos,love the one of your family and the yummy hot choc one too.
Great profile picture,
have a lovely weekend.
hugs Lou,xx.

Lesley said...

great photo's look like everyone had a great time best wishes Lesley x