Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Around here....

Oh my! I have been so cold this week so consequently the pooch and I have spent time snuggling on the sofa and eating soup to keep warm! Lots of craftiness has been happening too...
I saw on attic 24 that Lucy had begun her winter wreath, I love that she shares her patterns and tutorials. My summer wreath is here which I enjoyed making, so with a rummage in the stash I came up with these colours to use for my winter wreath. 


I've managed 5 out of 6 days of exercise this week I worked hard and by Thursday night my glutes and thighs were aching so bad I could hardly sit down!!! I took an extra rest day Friday and then pulled myself together for a cardio on Saturday. My knees are taking a battering too and have gone all creaky again but on the plus side at weigh in and measurement day I lost 3 lb and 2 inches one off my chest and one off my waist!!! 


Bella is never very far away ....


I've baked some tea bread from Davina's new book to help with my sweet craving. It's delicious. 



Finally I've finished up the frank&olive oversized jumper. I mulled over the type of wool to use as the Debbie Bliss Paloma yarn was a bit out of my price range ..... But as I was blog surfing I stumbled on a sale over at Tangled Yarn and got it for a bargain! 
I chose mallard ( but I'd love one in mustard too) . I did have to redo the back piece as I needed to change hooks I must be a bit loose!! 


And here it is all finished.. Very snuggly and warm. Perfect for these chilly days we are having. 



jbistheinitial said...

I love the shade of blue you used for your jumper, and it looks lovely and warm.

Carol said...

Hi Debbie, looks fab! We still need our jumpers (especially here as ch failed today)

Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, clutter is a problem for a lot of us. Even before getting the book I found a lot of useful information at MSE http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5146700. (Search for Moneysavingexpert, oldstyleforum, MarieKondothread if link doesn't work) Some things she says are not for me but there are a lot of good ideas.

Looking forward to seeing you too .

Carol xx