Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I love my mum!

A little while ago (actually at Christmas) I bought mum a lovely Toft alpaca kit for knitting a pair of gloves. She knew about them as we had looked at them when we went to the NEC. Anyway she made a super job of them, you know fingers and all that it gave me a tiny thought ....that grew into a big thought which then turned into lots of creeping!!

I had been looking at the lovely Susiebeans beautiful glove patterns for ages, unfortunatly for me they are knitted and you know what??
Yeah I can't knit for toffee. Whats with 2 needles and putting the wool round one of them while I end up dropping the other as I let go to wind the wool round??Nope it's not for me so here's where my mum comes in hee hee.
Off I went in search of wool in the right colours, I bought my pattern from ravelry and then descenended on mum at an oppertune moment (flowers in hand and a big smile!)

Here they are in all their glory (this is my best Coco Rose pose lol) My gorgeous Alice Caterpillars!! And I loves them. I have such a clever mum as I know she struggled in places especially with the kidsilk haze :)

And a close up. I managed to grab the middle boy to take some photos for me.
Thanks Mum you are a star!!

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